the little prince

book by antoine de saint-exupery
adapted by rick cummins and john schoullar

scenic & projection design
clarence brown carousel, 2012
director - patrick new
lighting design - timothy hart
costume design - arlene felipe
sound design - mike ponder

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photographed by libby stadstad & timothy hart
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Growing up is an inescapable part of life. One day you open your eyes to find that the world has worn away, and the awe and wonder which once filled you with hope is harder to find. In its place is a new gruesome reality. The Little Prince strives to rediscover this spirit of imagination and ultimately the hope that heart has lost.

Examining the world as seen through the eyes of a child, verses the eyes of an adult, became paramount in this design process. With twelve plus locations, this production required an environment that was as endless as a child’s imagination and moved just as seamlessly. To do this I created a dreary, monotonous adulthood, void of color. As the play progessed and the story became more vivid, the colors of this somber environment grew more spectacular. A child-like imagination was rediscovered.