spring awakening

music by duncan Sheik, book & lyrics by steven sater

scenic design
clarence brown theatre, 2012
unproduced project in lieu of thesis  -  two week time trial

SA ModelSpring Awakening-Mama Who Bore MeSpring Awakening- Bitch of livingSpring Awakening- The WoodsSpring Awakening -  The dark I know wellSpring Awakening- HayloftSpring Awakening - Guilty OnesSpring Awakening Rendering- left behindspring awakening- purple summerPaint eles- deck and beamsPAINT ELES- RAMPpaint eles- walls1

Spring Awakening is about the terrifying and exhilerating impulses of the young. It addresses issues of sex, rape, abortion, child abuse, homosexuality...belief in God. All of these “adult” issues are presented through the eyes of adolescence. Old world restrictions and misinformation clash with modern ideology, as the characters wrestle with bittersweet memories of summer love and the deceiving safety of sheltered childhood.

The strength of this script is its ability to seamlessly combine modern rock music with historical ideals. The layered simplicity of this contradiction became the driving force of the design. To that end, I combind old, rustic elements with the modern components of a live rock show.This enabled me to both bridge the gap between the victorian Germany and a larger modern audience, yet retain the ablity to nurture the intimate, awkward, and beautiful moments of the play.

The goal of this project was to complete a full design submission with in 14 days. This included a full color model, drafting, scene by scene renderings, paint elevations, props packet, and a paper citing your approach and journey for the design.